coming to tucson/this monday's show

By Robbie on February 27, 2013

My last visit to Tucson was closely coincident with 9/11/01, so I wasn't in a big hurry to come back, in case there was a link. But I had such a good time playing at the place with the hippy-dippy name of Solar Culture that I couldn't hold back permanently. I'll be there tomorrow night, so please stop in and see me.

After that it's on to the fool's paradise of California, where I won't be doing any public performance but I will be contentedly forgetting the 8 or 10 inches of snow outside my front door. To misquote a brilliant tunesmith, "There's always a way out where there's American Airlines." Assuming they get me home on time I'll be at the Hideout Monday with one of my mashups, and this time it's Lou vs. Jerry Reed. A group of four men will probe this fertile concept with all our might.

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  1. avatar dee Posted 1 day later

    Dang, this will be such a kick ass show. Wish I could be there.