this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on February 20, 2013

If you're new to Greg Trooper, then the first thing you should know is who admires him. "Greg Trooper writes great songs," says Steve Earle, and then "there's his voice -- an instrument I have coveted for 15 years." He's "got to be on our list of our finest contemporary songwriters," sez Mayor of Guy-Who-Should-Knowville Billy Bragg. The list of people who have recorded Greg's songs includes, alongside Steve and Billy, Robert Earl Keen, Vince Gill, Lucy Kaplansky, and Tom Russell. Needless to say, none of those people needs help fleshing out their records, so in Greg we are looking at a writer's writer.

Add my tiny voice to the chesty din. I've known Greg for 20 years, and admired him almost 21. I hadn't known of him very long when I first met him and heard him play, in a dorky brick-walled cabaret on lower Broadway; it's lucky I hadn't, or else I would've been a-feared to be around him, and he turns out to be one of the easiest guys to be around. (I should have been paying attention to his records back in the 1980s but I was busy dating, or something.)  

Add Greg to the list of artists I've been lucky to snag on their way through town on a weekend gig. He'll stop by Monday to play and sing. I'm trying to rig the set so it's all his songs, but we'll see. Even if there's some of mine mixed in, you should stop by and hear what all the peer-group hubbub is about -- hear a guy who mixes traditional blues and country forms with common everyday language, to make a salve for rubbing all over your heartstrings. 

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  1. avatar Joe Monahan Posted about 8 hours later

    I can't say enough about Trooper. One of the most consistent writer's around and, as you mentioned, a good guy.

  2. avatar Nick Barber Posted 1 day later

    I notice that Greg's down to play Molescroft Pavilion on his UK visit, later this year. Good folks - they'll look after him well. We recorded a live radio broadcast there.

  3. avatar Tom Posted 1 day later

    Of all the performers who play at the Duck in Houston, Greg is Teresa's (Owner) favorite.

  4. avatar Aron Posted 4 days later

    the email-adress "" has been down since at least december. Is there any other way of contacting robbie regarding orders?

  5. avatar chris lee Posted 6 days later

    Trooper's one of my favourite songwriters and terribly underrated we are having him back in October after he played a house concert at my place which I've just sold.
    Most people have never heard of him but as is often the case once they hear him they wonder how he passed them by.
    I think the expression swear like a Trooper comes from Greg as he often sounds like a New York cab driver with a liberal use of the F word - he also drank all my wine but I forgive him as he's just so bloody good.

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