pussycats on wheels!

By Robbie on February 14, 2013

I'm taking one of my fave Hideout Monday groups out for a rare weekend excursion. This Friday the Pussycat Trio will be at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, and Saturday at Kiki's Righteous House of Music in Madison. Actually, don't come to that one, it's sold out. Shank Hall you can come to, and please do. With the Pussycats I play about half stuff I wrote and half stuff other people wrote that seems like it might feel nice with a swinging bass fiddle. That turns out to be Jimmy Martin, John Coltrane, Bobby Charles, Willie Dixon, Bola Sete, Jim Eanes...I mean, it seems like almost anything sounds good with a bass fiddle (particularly if you concentrate on the era before "people with college degrees" and "hipsters" were overlapping sets).

Also, Monday, we'll be bringing that shit to the Hideout, so make sure and meet us there if you're the kind of person who likes hot playing, a little open-borders experimentation, and a laugh or two. Hmm, talking about dubiously overlapping sets...I think I just got a sudden insight into my checking account....gotta run.

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  1. avatar Mike Long Posted about 12 hours later

    Perhaps you posted this and I missed it, or modesty prevented self-promotion. But your friend Tina Fey threw high praise your way (once again): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/18/tina-fey-robbie-fulks-sho_n_2507367.html

  2. avatar Curt Spaeth Posted about 22 hours later

    I will be at Shank Hall tonight, I'm hoping to see some fellow Fulksters there!

  3. avatar Tommy Lee Posted about 22 hours later

    If you're fortunate enough to be at one of these shows, make sure they play John Coltrane's "Mr. PC". And buy the band a beer, for chrissakes.

  4. avatar Curt Spaeth Posted 3 days later

    Thanks Robbie for the Excellent show Monday at Shank Hall. You never disapoint!! One of times I'll come out to see you live and drink soda, for whatever reason I tend to over induldge everytime I see you in concert, you bring out the I want to party part of me!