heading west

By Robbie on October 10, 2012

Hey, check the tour dates at the side -- I'm headed to San Francisco, Seattle, Santa Monica, and Winters next week. I can hardly believe that I haven't been to Seattle, a town I dearly love, in almost three years, but the non-IRS calendar does not lie. And California, I'm not sure, maybe close on two years now? Someone else probably remembers this.

Anyhow I don't get to any of these places so frequently that you may just sniff and look aside discreetly. I really insist that you come see me play. I'll be playing stuff from my soon-to-be-untethered (when, God, when?) new disc, stuff that's newer yet, and stuff you actually want to hear. And picking the guitar. I'll be joined on all the dates by the too-brilliant-for-modern-living Robbie Gjersoe. And at the Freight and Salvage by Jenny Scheinman, and at the Royal Room by Wayne Horvitz, and -- and --

Speaking of Wayne, who's one of my favorite legendary composer-producer-pianist-performanceartist-philosopher-noisemaking-hipster guys of all time, his amazing venue's website has an interesting description of me and my thing. I know how distasteful it is to retweet a compliment; and how much worse is posting on your own website a promotional squib about you from another website? Very much worse. However, this caught my attention for two reasons --

As a guitarist and songwriter Robbie Fulks has built a versatile repertoire of country music with layers of jazz, experimental and bluegrass. Since 1996 he has produced 10 solo releases and his 11th, Gone Away Backward, is set for release in early 2013. Fulks has been performing with multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robbie Gjersoe since 1990. Together they perform original country music, adding influences from a wider scope of musical tastes.

OK, the first thing is that that bears roughly the same relation to the promo description I sent them as Grapes of Wrath does to a dusty poverty-stricken day in 1935 Oklahoma. I don't know why it's so hard to write promotionally about oneself; not that it's hard to exaggerate your accomplishments and stay mum on your defects, but it's a devil of a task to fake the tone of respect that a friendly-but-objective party naturally has. I would never write that stuff on my own account. But you know, now that it is written, and this is the second thing, all of its factual statements and claims are accurate enough. (Niggling exception is using the s-word on the other Robbie, because as far as I know the music he has composed for instrumental performance and movie soundtracks has never had lyrics.) I believe it's the best description overall that a club has posted on my behalf. Makes my act sound so lively... and distinguished...Mr. Gjersoe (he will hereafter be referred to that way) and I will be working hard to live up to this here squib next Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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  1. avatar Jeremy Posted about 5 hours later

    It looks like I'm going to be sick on the 22nd. See you soon Robbie!

  2. avatar Dan Holway Posted about 10 hours later

    'Gone Away Backward'? Interesting. I like that.

  3. avatar Dee Posted 1 day later

    Who else is going that I know? If I make it, I would be making the trek sans the Gavman. Eee gads!

  4. avatar Will Posted 1 day later

    Why no Portland, Robbie? I think there are quite a few good venues for you here. Do you need leads?

  5. avatar Peigi Posted 1 day later

    I have an orphan ticket at the Freight for tonight if someone wants it. I'm in New Hampshire.

  6. avatar liz Posted 3 days later

    I agree that "versatile repertoire of country music with layers of jazz, experimental and bluegrass" is masterful. One of my low-paying jobs involves translating the blurbs of an endless stream of bands into journalese for a local newspaper. Every band and solo act in the world, it seems, plays a blend of at least four different kinds of music. My go-to phrase has been "an ecumenical mix" of (fill in the blanks) but in your case, Robbie, it it actually true and I am looking forward to a seven-layer cake of musical goodness on Wednesday night. And perhaps a few wicked jokes as well. xxxLiz

  7. avatar Rebecca Laszlo Posted 5 days later

    Robbie, I hope to see you tonight at The Royal Room.
    -your CFS mate

  8. avatar Rebecca Laszlo Posted 7 days later

    What a great evening. Thanks for your wonderful music. Enjoy tonight's show. I was chatting with Gretchen today (we'll be visiting her in a week) and she passed you a message: "come to the San Juans!!"

  9. avatar Peter Schiffman Posted 8 days later

    Dream double bill at the Palms tomorrow night. Red Meat opening for Robbie and Rob!