this weekend, and this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on September 13, 2012

Hey kids, I'm spending the weekend with my friend Fred Eaglesmith, who's rolling down Highway 66 in a sort of caravan of despair. Bunch of empty nesters gon' be hittin' Lincoln's homestead and little backwoods huts where fat gals in hoopskirts turn beeswax into sculptures, and, I don't know, a whole passel of other sights that exists along that forlorn Americana-cluttered route. And at night there'll be music, by Fred, by me, by Audrey Auld, by some others, mebbe. Wilford Brimley will be there. Won't you? (Specifics on sidebar.)

Monday we're celebrating Hank Williams's birthday at the Hideout. This time we'll likely start promptly at 7PM or a trice early even, since Beau Sample has to run off to the Green Mill kindly early. 18 dynamic songs by the Hillbilly Shakespeare, done with feeling and purpose. Besides Beau, there'll be Robbie Gjersoe playing steel and other things, and Peter Seman, that quivering mass of liveliness, on the fiddle. Won't you come?

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  1. avatar Tall Tonya Posted 1 day later

    Had a blast at 6-Strings in Bloomington, IL. I'm thankful to have good friends like Amy and Brenda who let me tag along. I'm sure we'll see you again in December at the Half-Assed Holiday Show. See you soon!

  2. avatar bouhan Posted 3 days later

    mr. fulks -

    it was a pleasure making your acquaintance at the state house inn's bar. thanks for indulging a couple of fans on a bloody-mary-mellow, which was not harshed by the chance to shake your hand and say thanks for all the tunes.

    - the drifting loopers

  3. avatar Billy Block Posted 4 days later

    hey rob, it's the angry chihauhua of checkin' in. looks like americana has been very good to you. sending good wishes your way. holler when you travel south. billy

  4. avatar sd Posted over 2 years later