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By Robbie on August 19, 2012

So, I kept this one under my hat to protect my Old Town show, but...a new joint is opening in Chicago, called City Winery, and they asked me and my buddy Dave Alvin to come play for the musical opening, this Tuesday night. It seems to be a real cool venue, especially if you're 35 and up and like to get sideways, and you know, if you don't get interested by the prospect of Dave and me slinging it out on stage, then you're either 34 and under or a teetotaler. Don't be like that. Come on out. Be cool and old and stagger a little.

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  1. avatar Karen Brosnan Posted about 16 hours later

    just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed your set on Sat at Irish Fest. Loved the camaraderie between you, Liz and Mr. Dewan. It is a true pleasure to see musicians play who obviously love what they do. Thanks for the tunes!
    Karen Brosnan
    Tinley Park, Il
    I work near City Winery, might make my way over there after work Tues.

  2. avatar chris maxwell Posted about 21 hours later

    C'mon back to Baton Rouge! The Red Dragon awaits.
    Binky's Dad, chris m

  3. avatar Tom L Posted 1 day later

    Is this establishment related to the City Whinery* in New York?

    *Credit to Eric Ambel for the spelling.

  4. avatar Bruddah Posted 2 days later

    I'm sure it's related to Shitty Winery in NY. Maybe they can have a Chicago night in the NY club and a NYC night in Chicago.

    But more importantly, did they have a special vintage of Robbie Fulks Red (aka, Fuck This Wine) with your photo on the label? They do that for each show at the NYC club.

  5. avatar JS Posted 2 days later

    No Champaign? :(

  6. avatar mk Posted over 2 years later