this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on July 14, 2012

Levon Helm gets my musical love this week. About as meaningful a statement as can be made about a guy like Levon is that, even acknowledging the many incredible musicians that America has birthed in the modern era, Levon still stands out as the kind of musician that rarely comes along. What a brilliant player, what a soulful singer, what a solid presence in the world. There'll be 6 of us onstage this week (incl Nora O'Connor) and of course everyone wants his turn singing...

Also this week something out-of-the-ordinary is happening at the show, but I am forbidden by management to say exactly what. I think I'm probably permitted to say it has something to do with television. If you're into television or being on it, please come by. Wait, what am I saying? Stay well away, you. Just come by if you like Levon Helm, please. 

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  1. avatar Sue B. Posted about 18 hours later

    Hey Robbie and all Chicago Robbie fans! I live in Virginia and last caught a Robbie Fulks show at the Java Shack in Vienna, VA, about a year ago. I don't get sent on travel much by my work but I'll be in Chicago Monday night. This must be meant to be that I get to go to a Monday with Robbie at the Hideout. I can't get over there until some time after 9 pm but I'll be sure to say hey to Robbie and friends and I sure am looking forward to this tribute to Levon Helm.

    Sue B.

  2. avatar Chris Posted 1 day later

    Hi Sue. I just wanted to tell you that most of Robbie's MOnday shows are finishing up around the 9PM hour. I just wanted to let you know.

  3. avatar sd Posted over 2 years later