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By Robbie on July 7, 2012

For reasons I'll go into some other time, I decided a couple months ago I needed a new flattop guitar, and needed it more or less at once, and so I started shopping around. I've never bought an acoustic guitar from a shop before (except once when I got a $15 guitar form a pawnshop for the purpose of smashing it onstage), always having acquired them through friends or family, or by soliciting admired luthiers; and so it's been an eye-opening ramble. I find myself beset by an angel in either ear, one training me toward an ideal sound that I love -- basically, that of a well-set-up and beautifully intonated Martin 1937 D18 -- and the other reminding me of the real-life destiny of the instrument I'll buy, in the hands of baggage handlers, bumping around in the backs of drunkenly packed minivans, in lands hot and cold and in all the least well-humidified sectors of the earth. These humbling considerations, along with the fact that my search yielded no ultra-desirable vintage Martins for less than $20,000, focused me on the category of New Guitars. These are expensive enough to bring on a sort of continuing revulsion, as one trots from shop to shop, and expensive enough to attach a glum weight to the prospect of finally committing to anything. But they're not $20,000 and up, they're $5000 and down. A bit down.

Here are some very basic tips offered to anyone shopping for a newly-made steel-string.

1.  If you find yourself falling in love with something, set it down, clear your mind, return to the store the next day or the next week, and play it again. Repeat three or four times. This technique saved me, cumulatively, $14,000. It's hard to notice every relevant quirk and flaw in an instrument over the first 10 minutes of play, and it's no easier once the love starts to kick in. (By the way, I didn't lose any instrument due to my delay tactics; $5000 guitars can sit around stores for a l-o-o-ong time.)

2.  Bring it into different rooms in the store to play.

3.  Carry a clip-on tuner around with you and check the intonation up and down the fretboard. You're very unlikely to find a guitar that stays center-green all the way across the 15th fret, but for thousands of dollars, you shouldn't be settling for (for instance) audibly sharp tones at the 12th fret on the 6th and 5th strings. Collings makes the most consistently in-tune guitars on the market (like a Southwest Airlines passenger, the Collings customer may wonder, "Why aren't there dozens of competitors out there mindlessly apeing this awesome model?"), but there are independent builders getting closer all the time.

4.  If you find yourself thinking about a used new guitar, find out a little about the history of it if you can -- who owned it and for how long and why he is selling, what work has been done on it, and whether the bridge or tuners have been replaced.

5.  Play every note on the fretboard.

6.  Move each tuning peg.

7.  Guitar retailers are surprisingly careless about cosmetics. You don't find dusty, bad-smelling cars with crummy tires when you go into a car dealership, but you sure do find plenty of untuned guitars in the showroom with rust on the strings and shoddy neck set-ups. Well, you can't reset it, but you can get the guy to put fresh strings on it (and tune it up!).

8.   Even leaning forward, it's not easy to get an accurate picture of the sound of an instrument the way everyone else will be hearing it acoustically. Get a trusted, discerning friend to sit in front and give you her opinion. Bring a recording device and use it to compare a few that you like.

9.  You can't realistically separate the two stimuli, hand-feel on fretboard and sound in ear. These, in my experience, reinforce each other and work together to bring out your best technique and clearest inspirations. But that said, you might remember that once you slap a pick-up on the thing, as a lot of guys do these days, the sound is all about the pick-up, and only the feel of the neck is left. If a pick-up is in your future, concentrate on how the neck feels in your hand.

10.  Brand new guitars can take a while to settle in, stop moving, and achieve something like their real tone. Their settledness is one solid advantage of guitars that are newish but not brand new.

11.  Slide a finger up and down a string briskly. Grip the neck with your left hand, thumb touching the top edge of the fretboard and fingers at bottom, and slide the whole hand up and down. In other words, make sure the frets are cut and set comfortably for you, and that at the very least you won't hurt yourself making an impulsive move. 

12.  Take longer shopping? Adjust your price celing upward? Or settle for something you didn't quite have in mind? Obviously this three-way trade-off is for each of us to figure out, but as I shopped around and became attracted to this or that instrument, I found myself unwilling to put thousands of dollars into something that fell an iota short, even though "thousands of dollars" isn't a lot in the world of good guitars, and even though I strongly liked one or two not-exactly-appropriate (or certifiably flawed) guitars.

One week it was a 1973 mahogany Martin D18 that played and sounded spectacular and was priced at a shocking $1500. What was wrong with it, besides the stigmatizing "1973"? It took me a week to figure it out -- no note happening at string 1 fret 15. Well, I don't use that note all that much, and $1500 is so little -- wait, what am I thinking??

A used double-O Collings with a nice fat fretboard and slotted headstock was suiting my left hand perfectly. But there was no inlay above the 7th fret to help guide me in a pinch when I might have to think fast. Also it had a 12-fret scale, and I do like to get up there into the teens now and then, as nimbly as I can. I could arch my hand -- on the other hand, could do me some good to work within the very conventional, old-school limitation of twelve frets -- and what kind of so-called man needs markings all up the neck like a Suzuki beginner....stop!! This is thousands of dollars we're talking about! Multiple miserable wedding gigs!

The frustrating thing is that you know that somewhere out there is an impeccable piece of workmanship, meant for your hands alone, that you could get for one or two thousand bucks...if only you had the years and the stamina to find it. Unless you're poor, and on no kind of timeline, the best course seems to be to hold out slightly longer than you wanted and pay slightly more than you had hoped. I am not seeing any bargains out there in guitar stores, though maybe this is different in smaller towns (I shopped mostly in Chicago and New York) and obscurer retailers. But the good news is that there are more great-sounding, well-made guitars from a variety of builders than ever before, all accessible to people with middle-class incomes and up. (Though probably the wood is not as good as in years past.)

This all reminds me a little bit of house-buying -- the ideal particulars slowly warping and giving way as the price point floats ever higher. It's funny, but there's nothing easier than getting used to the little quirks of a place once you've moved in: the too-low showerhead you have to duck under, the noisy old furnace, the heroin merchant next door. Whereas one twangy fret way up the neck will put a guitar on the blacklist forever. The thing that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is held to a lower standard. But the elements of a house aren't as unpredictably interdependent. You can change out the bathroom fixtures without worrying about the effect on the wiring in the basement. And it's enough, usually, if the guy doing the work is an honest, experienced handyman. The guys that fix up guitars, though, the good and trustworthy ones, are as much artists as handymen. They sit in their garrets smoking incense; they lay their hands on your wood and mumble indecipherably; they refuse to admit your guitar into their lives if they don't like it for some reason. In addition to their time and labor, you pay them for what they don't do. And any little changes they make, from altering the neck angle to dressing the frets, from something as easy and routine as switching out the saddle to the open-heart surgery of bridge rebuilding, affect the sound and feel of the whole. I regret to say that I once had a guitar of great value permanently maimed by a repairman who added a bizarrely gratuitous and ruinous task to an otherwise routine bill of work. This is like a guy you've hired to paint your window treatments deciding to paint all your furniture while he's at it, which somehow decimates your home value. I think houses are sturdy simple things next to guitars.

Anyway, how long are you likely to inhabit your house, on average? 20 years, 40? A good instrument will easily last you and your legatees much, much longer than that. 

Well, I think I have it narrowed down to 4 possibilities, and by now it won't surprise you to know that they're all Collingses. I'll let you know what I pick in a week or two...or else you'll just see me out there playing it.

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  1. avatar Tom L Posted about 17 hours later

    Not so pleased with the Expensive Custom Guitar?
    Or perhaps unwilling to expose it to more abuse...probably damaged it by playing Coltrane on the poor thing.

  2. avatar Stop Calling Me Glen Shirley Posted 1 day later

    "Multiple miserable wedding gigs!" -- ha! Nice informative and as always well written piece...

  3. avatar Nick B Posted 1 day later

    NYC guitar shops are a special breed. Beware of Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island. They have excellent guitars but are inflexible should you make a purchase and need any tweaks.

    Forget Sam Ash.

    Rudy's is a wonderful store, if expensive. I like that the guitars are generally in excellent shape. Also, they don't allow just anyone to play them.

    Matt Umanov's is also a top tier store. They're careful with their instruments and wipe them off after try them. The one negative is the price. They won't budge.

    Guitar Center is mind-numbing, but here's the thing - you can get a full refund for the guitar if you don't like it. That's huge. The only real negative with GC, besides the staff and atmosphere, is the fact that they allow all manner of shredder and dopey teen to wail on their nice guitars. That means a lot of scratched up pick guards etc.

    You really can't go wrong with Collings. Enjoy!

  4. avatar Rev Ike Posted 5 days later

    On the flip side, cheap-ass guitars are better than they ever were. When I was coming up, you had Gibson, Fender, Martin and Guild. After that you had Hondo and Memphis. I learned on a Kay that had 3/8" action at the 12th fret.

    Due to unemployment, I've had to sell off my collection of better-than-average guitars. In their place, I've got a Washburn electric that I picked up for $25 at Target (marked down) and, believe it or not, an Esteban acoustic-electric that my brother gave me. He got it for around $100 on a groupon deal. Neither are great, but they hold tuning, sound decent, and have reasonable action.

    I know neither would withstand the rigorous workout you would give them, but for me, being broke, they work quite well. I'm not embarassed to perform with them, and, even though I'm no Robbie Fulks, I can still make people say "Day-um!" when I play.

  5. avatar Rev Ike Posted 5 days later

    By the way, I've played Jammin' Java several times. Last time I was there, I licked every surface of the green room.

  6. avatar dontspookthehorse Posted 7 days later

    Did you look at any used Guilds? I've been searching for a "lefty" early/mid 70's D-25 for many years now. It still eludes me...

  7. avatar pj Posted 10 days later

    Intonation past 15th fret! Hilarious. If I go past seven, I'm drunk and delusional or my hands are greased!

    I see you're booked for the Sugar Maple Fest in Madison again. Coldest day in August ever was the one my wife and three kids spent under the tent to see you a few years ago. You and Nora were, of course, great (as was the surprising Shotgun Party who came on before), but it was so cool to see your brother and parents on hand that afternoon among the other transitional oddness under the tent.

    We're not exactly Robbie Fulks stalkers (okay, maybe slightly), but that was a singular afternoon with the strange weather, your family on hand, and the weird crowd. Only time my kids have seen you in person after hearing you in the car and through speakers for years, so it was a cool afternoon for us. Looks like we've set our Madison travel date for this summer.

  8. avatar Norman Draper Posted about 1 year later


    I just discovered you! I'm am honestly sorry to be so late getting to the party!

    We're siting here, listening to "Gone Away Backward".... Great stuff!

    I had to laugh at what pj said about going up the neck... I only go past the fourth fret when a capo is involved....

    By the way, I'm a Collings owner, seven times over.... I've gotten to know the folks down in Austin pretty well. If you're ever down that way, stop by the factory. They are great people.

    Be well, and ill see you down the road....

  9. avatar Kerry Krishna Posted about 1 year later

    This is a great and well written piece. After you buy it, (or before if I was you!~) You should be joining The Collings Forum and getting even more info. It is called the friendliest guitar forum on the net for a good reason.
    I hope to see you over there! Kerry K

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