this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on June 22, 2012

Steve Dawson and I serenade you with tunes that have been bedevilling us lately; fondly remembered nuggets from Liz Phair and other past I-hearts; and a few pieces we wrote that the other will sing. We'll play this and that instrument, and Steve will sing so as to make your nipples stiff. Also I am forcibly inducted into The Smiths training camp.

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  1. avatar Lisa Crowe Posted 4 days later

    Youse guys were effin' great. You need to make a record together. And wow, Smiths, Bee Gees and Merle Haggard in the same set? Not even sure that's legal.

  2. avatar Nick Barber Posted 6 days later

    The Smiths? I hope hmc1410 gets that on Youtube....

  3. avatar Dan Holway Posted 12 days later

    Oh for God's sake, can't someone set up a webcast for these shows?

  4. avatar sd Posted over 2 years later