SPACE is the place

By Robbie on April 24, 2012

There wouldn't seem to be much need for me to book shows around Chicago when I sing and play at the Hideout every Monday night, so I rarely do, but Thursday next week (May 3) I'm playing at SPACE in Evanston. I don't do much from my original catalogue at the Hideout, and I have some new stuff that needs airing, hence the Thursday show. (Also it would be a shame to stay away from a room as nice as SPACE all year long just on principle -- it's a magnificent place to hang out and hear music, a whole different genus of magnificence from the Hideout.) My show will be a mix of the songs just written, some from my recently recorded and sometime-to-be-unleashed record, older ones, and requests. There will be zero Thelonious Monk and no Red Rector. Please stop by if you can!

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  1. avatar R.E. Posted 9 days later

    If he (or I) believed in the afterlife, Christopher Hitchens would be humming 'Religious Grandma' today.