arizona -- new mexico -- I'm talkin' to YOU!

By Robbie on April 15, 2011

I have a July 31 date in LA, and a potential date in Tucson a couple days later, and I'm looking into whether I can route them into a string, ideally with no days off. More ambitiously, I could get up to Denver in the same trip, but that's pretty unlikely; right now I'm just looking at getting to Tucson, a town I'm very eager to visit again. The obvious targets are San Diego and/or Phoenix, and then Santa Fe or Albuquerque for getting me up toward Colorado. I thought I'd post here because, although I've played a time or two in those towns, I haven't in some years and don't have good current knowledge or contacts. Obviously, if you book a club or house concert in any of those places and are interested in having me, you should drop a line. (You can leave your information in the comments section below or send me a private note via the "private show" link in the right sidebar.) Moreover, if you live in one of those places, and want to see me, and if (a chain of if's growing as long as the contemplated itinerary) you have a friend who books a cool and Robbie-appropriate (i.e., in capacity and acoustic-friendliness) local club or house concert, then please urge them to book me. Or you can send me a contact, and I'll follow up.

Ain't it fun, booking your own self? Actually, it's not that bad at all, despite having to ask for a hand, and I thank you in advance.  

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  1. avatar Dee Posted about 19 hours later

    OOOOH Boy! Where in L.A.? McCabes? San Diego...hmmm how bout this place?
    Tucson!!! Where where where? When when when?

  2. avatar Frank Hamilton Posted 2 days later

    Hey Robbie,

    Long time no talk. I used to run the repair shop at Guitar Works in Evanston, IL and worked on your guitars when they floated in every once in a while. Now I live in Phoenix. I may be able to help you with booking some gigs and/or house concerts out here and advertising. Contact me through the e-mail I entered to post this comment. If for some reason you can't get to that e-mail you can get my contact info through Guitar Works.

    Frank Hamilton

  3. avatar Matt Posted 2 days later

    Just a general question:

    Are the texts, stories, essays, etc from the "old" RF website still available somehow? I'm particularly looking for the brilliant essay on (the unnecessity of) mainstream rock, and also the entertaining story about that Garth Brooks impersonator...

  4. avatar Dee Posted 2 days later

    @Frank Hamilton! Frank?! Big Frank?! How are you my friend? I didn't know you were back in AZ? I live in California now, but get back to Arizona every so often. Maybe I'll see you at a Robbie show. Found you on facebook, adding you now;)

  5. avatar George Bullfrog Posted 3 days later

    I am a former bandmate, and friend of Ollie O'Shea, who turned me on to your Music many years ago.
    I would love to assist you in finding work in New Mexico this summer.
    I will contact a couple of venues in Albuquerque, and Santa Fe this week, and if there is interest, I will forward contact info.
    Ollie happened to call tonite, and he will likely be in NM in late July/early August. However he will be doing some road gigs with Michael Martin Murphy, that he doesn't yet have dates for.
    I will call friends at our local NPR station tomorrow nite, to see if you are getting airplay, and try to gage local awareness of your work.
    I do truly hope something can be worked out.
    George Bullfrog

    Phone 505 471-0037

  6. avatar Tim Posted 3 days later

    Yes. Where in LA? Please inform!

  7. avatar honkytonk gal Posted 6 days later

    Just heard you on outlaw country: not too shabby! Re LA July 31 date, wondering where and when. VFW Hall City of Industry is a great venue. Also, Saddle Sore Saloon - Norco; Nick's Taste of Tx in W Covina); James Intveld doing a show at VFW Hall San Gabriel next month, that's a good one too.

  8. avatar stuart dyson Posted 10 days later

    I'm a TV reporter/oldtime honkytonk country songwriter in Albuquerque NM - there's a great venue for you here - Low Spirits - check 'em out at - I bet they can make this happen - you'd be perfect!

    Love your work Robbite - you might enjoy some recent titles of mine - " I Ain't Drunk But I Been Drinkin'" - "All Dressed Up And Drunk" - "Cocktail Frank" - hmmm - wonder if there's a pattern emerging here...?


  9. avatar stuart dyson Posted 11 days later

    Hey Robbie - for Low Spirits & other venues in Abq contact Joe Anderson - I gave him a heads up already so he'll be looking to hear from ya.

  10. avatar derek caterwaul Posted about 1 month later

    has anything panned out for you in Albuquerque?
    If not, I think I could help. I do a lot of promotions & other legwork for shows here in town. I know some folks that are pretty excited about the possibility of you playing ABQ. Email me at the attached address if you're still looking- or even if you already have something lined up, I'd love to know about it.

    Derek Caterwaul
    independent local music promotions
    underground media archivist
    eclectic professional DJ

  11. avatar Mike Beagle Posted about 1 month later

    Robbie. If you make it as far as LA/San Diego; we'd love to see you come to Bakersfield. There is a great bar/live music venue called Fishlips here that hosts live music 4-7 times per week. Contact Andrew (owner/booking) (661) 324 - 2557. Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Ray Wilie Hubbard, Kinky Friedman, have played here and come back for a few times. Their website is Plus, if you come to Bakersfield, you can always go check out Buck's place if you've never been.

    Saw you in NYcity about 8-10 years ago with Rosie Flores and Dale Watson. Fabulous show.

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