house concert, NC/VA?

By Robbie on March 25, 2015

Thursday might not be an ideal night for a party, but maybe an early-evening start time could make it fly. The date is Thursday May 14, and the area is north of Charlotte, south of DC, not closer than 60 or so miles to either. Raleigh, Richmond, or anywhere in between would be perfect. Acoustic trio: Robbie Gjersoe, Todd Phillips, and myself. Drop a line if interested.

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this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on March 19, 2015

Something's there, not me. Back next Monday.

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this monday, and a movie

By Robbie on March 12, 2015

Hideout this week is Nora O'Connor and me, back with our two-human quorum.

I've added several March/April dates to the tour page, the soonest of which appear to your right. I'll call particular attention to the premiere of Kannapolis next week at Duke. The film captures the daily lives, routines, rituals, occupations, peregrinations, and goofings-around of people in a little town in North Carolina in 1936. The shots are silent, in-motion, black-and-white, and 2 to 3 seconds long each. The filmmaker Finn Taylor stitched them into an hourlong piece, adding light Foley effects and a few title cards, and the edited whole yields a fractured and elliptical yet actual narrative. I would say it's about a world most of whose people and some of whose cultural specifics are altogether vanished, but even more a story about our surprisingly close kinship with the world of the film. The other half of the story of Kannapolis is the music, which was mostly composed by Jenny Scheinman (the soundtrack includes songs by Si Kahn, Joe Glazer, and me) and is performed in time with the film by Jenny, Robbie Gjersoe, and me. I don't know if any tickets are left,* but I recommend finding out! We'll be doing screenings now and again for the next who-knows-how-long, and I'll be sure to post when they happen.

*UPDATE: There aren't too many seats but there are some; here's the link:

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this monday at the hideout

By Robbie on March 5, 2015

Western Swing night! Gonna be a ton of people onstage, to make it feel more like Tulsa in 1935. (In terms of the per-player payout, it'll feel amazingly like that.) Anna Jacobson, Alex Hall, Peter Seman, Beau Sample, Joel Paterson, K.C. McDonough, and I will throw some love to the late great Bob Wills and all who followed.

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this monday at the hideout + house show + jw harding

By Robbie on February 26, 2015

First off, this Monday it's another of my yearly Doc Watson nights at the Hideout. I'll play the flattop and perhaps a little banjo, and Steve Doyle and Robbie Gjersoe will juggle bass, reso, uke, mandolin, and yet more flattop guitar. All three of us will sing tunes we've pulled off the records of the man who is my all-time country music hero.

My reachout for a house concert (the band in your living room would be Todd Phillips, Shad Cobb, Robbie Gjersoe, Don Stiernberg, and my bad self) netted a few promising responses (thanks) none of which bore fruit ultimately. So, at the risk of coming off like a Victorian urchin, those details once again are: Sunday April 12, anyplace south of Appleton north of Peoria, or Peoria east to about South Bend. Oh what the heck, let's push it westward to Iowa City. Drop a line if interested. It's a heckuva band!

My friend Wesley Stace a/k/a John Wesley Harding is staging another of his absurdly multifarious Cabinet of Wonders nights, at the City Winery in NYC on Saturday March 7. This one features Kristin Hersh, The Dove and the Wolf, Stephen Elliott, Siri Hustvedt, The London Souls, Eugene Mirman, Rick Moody, and me. 20 tickets are available as of this writing.

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