Also come to OTS

By Robbie on September 4, 2014

Turns out I was slightly sanguine in the previous post, as regards the Old Town School show this Saturday. Ticket sales have been robust, but there's a good amount of seats still open, so don't let my last blast throw cold water on your weekend plans, if they involve my pretty face and some red-hot fiddling! 

Back safe and sound from Scandinavia, and have never felt more pumped up about being in America. Au revoir vats of butter and impeccable manners and icy-smooth efficiency, hello loud guffawing and status anxiety.

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Come to michigan

By Robbie on September 1, 2014

Your correspondent is unaccustomed to being away for so long, 5 weeks, but it has really helped, looking at this trip in retrospect, not to have had a day off. With shows, catching trains, keeping up minimally with email, and not misplacing personal effects to occupy me, I honestly haven't felt homesick; but now that it's soon coming to an end I'm agitatedly impatient to be en route to O'Hare. 

Once back, I'll have a performance-free day (my first in 35 days), then it's off to Michigan, to the august Acorn Theater of Three Oaks. I'll be playing there, Friday September 5, as a quartet (Robbie Gjersoe, Missy Raines, Aaron Till). It's the same group I'm bringing to the Old Town School in Chicago the next night, the 6th. At Old Town I think we're close to sold out, but guess what about Michigan? Not sold out! An unmistakably not-standing-room-only situation. "Capacity crowd" unlikely to appear in online reviews. House, yes, packed, no. Tickets, I want to point out, are available still. In fact, they are abundantly available. 

Listen, it's a Friday night and Three Oaks is an easy drive from Chicago. There's probably a few of you that want Old Town tickets but won't be able to get them -- why not plot a romantic getaway to the bohemian enclave of T.O.? If you live in some place like Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or East Lansing, someplace I used to play but now don't, you really need to come. Enough begging, I do have a speck of pride, even after having been 8 days in rural Sweden. 

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sweden update

By Robbie on August 19, 2014

Hello from a sofa in Strathpeffer. Here's where I'll be in Sweden next week and on:

26th, Enviken, Slink In, 7:00

27th, Gavle, CC Puben

28th, Malomo, Folk and Rock

29th, Alvkarleby, Rest Kungsadran

30th, Agnsjon, Camping

31st, Umea, Burmans, 2:00

31st, Pitea, Krokodil, 7:00

1st September, Soraker, Folkets Hus

2nd, Skutskar, house party, 7:00

No update or changes on the Norway dates as previously announced here, which start Thursday. Come out and see what I'm up to.

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Edinburgh vol. 2

By Robbie on August 8, 2014

Well that was quick. I'll be at the Trigg Underground on Wednesday August 20 in lovely Edinburgh. It's at 152 Dundas Street and I start at 8. Capacity is small so get there early if you can. Go, Internet, yay for 2014!

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By Robbie on August 7, 2014

The first week of this long jaunt has been fruitful and memorable, and many of the memories if not much of the fruit concern a crowded train ride with the Mekons through the midlands, bantering roisterously about ouds, Adolf Hitler, and cheese. 

Evidently we're in Edinburgh on August 20th with the day off. Though it's a Wednesday night, and though a night off in Edinburgh is by no means a dreary occasion, I'm not here primarily to sightsee, so if anyone cares to have a house party with music, drop me a line.

Otherwise, you may see me on the 20th in a little pub up near the castle, slouched over a plate of boiled young potatoes and a lager, muttering rhyming slang aloud. 

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